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Tock is a reservations system that allows restaurants to offer more than an open table – it helps restaurants sell their unique offerings, from chef’s tables to omakase menus, private dining, and even cookbooks.

Nick Kokonas began experimenting with new and novel ways of booking Next in 2011. After applying dynamic and variable pricing, prepayment of reservations, and improved CRM to his own restaurants, he founded Tock in 2014 to bring his software to the restaurant industry.

In the two years since its founding, Tock has partnered with restaurants in 51 cities in 14 countries. It has processed over $200 million in pre-paid reservations. Tock has been featured in Fast Company, Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications around the world.

Nick co-founded Tock in 2014 with Brian Fitzpatrick, founder of Google’s Chicago engineering office.